The Albert Bushnell Hart Core Boys Team perform their Gold Mic Award winning poem, Our City’s Hot.

The Wade Park School Girls Team perform their Gold Mic Award winning poem, Education.

The Robinson G. Jones Middle School Team perform their Bronze Mic Award winning poem, Aliens.

The Marion C. Seltzer Juniors Team performs their poem all about animals!


Articulate. Powerful. Inspirational.

We could describe our Poet-Athletes’ poetry in a number of ways, but it helps to see for yourself. Check out a sampling of their rhymes:

I Am a Girl

I Am a Girl

I am lipstick, earrings, dresses too.
I am jeans, crop tops, high heel shoes.

I am a girl!

I am brave, I am kind, I am smart.
I am beautiful, I am a work of art.

I am a girl!

I work hard, I play tough
I am gentle, I am rough.

I am a girl!

I am unique, I am one of a kind.
I have a big heart; I have a sharp mind.

I am a girl!

I am not perfect, but I try.
I am honest, I will not lie.

I am a girl!

I am the vote; I am the choice.
I am the fight; I am the voice.

I am a girl!

I am underestimated, but it’s not true.
The power of girl is all inside you.

I am a girl!

Artemus Ward – Girls Group Poem – Fall 2019


Land, air, water, noise.
All this pollution, it got us mad!
We’re just kids and we think it’s bad!

Lead pollution it’s in the ocean.
In drinking water, it causes commotion.
Kids get sick, parents cry.
Our water shouldn’t make us die!

I don’t like trash cause it gives me a rash,
at the scrapyard I see all that cash,
when I recycle all your trash.

I wanna go outside but there’s all this smoke.
I need my inhaler, the smoke gonna make me choke.

This air pollution I can’t give it a pass, some of it’s from all that gas.
I’m about to choke on this smoke.
We’re not joking, we really choking!

While I’m shopping at the store.
I see trash on the floor.
I don’t like trash on the floor, please put it in the can, by the door.

People throw stuff in the ocean, all this stuff makes the ocean have no motion.
Pick up your trash and be a boss, because if the police see you it’s going to cost.
I’m sick of all this noise, man it need to stop, every time I’m doing my work all I hear is cops.

Land, air, water, noise.
All this pollution, it got us mad! We’re just kids and we think it’s bad!

Mound STEM School – Boys Group Poem – Fall 2019

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Roses are read,
my ingredients are few,
We are RG Jones and
we’re here for you!

A gallon of courage,
We need to open our eyes.
Pounds of sportsmanship,
A ton of pride.
A dash of creativity,
handfuls of teamwork,
sprinkle in trustworthiness,
this will put our team first.

Six ingredients are earned not free.
These are the ingredients that
We need to make a team!

Trishawn S. – Grade 5 – Robinson G. Jones School – Fall 2019

Our City, Our Home

Cleveland is a shining star
When you are here, you’ll hear jets rawr
Our football team, the Cleveland Browns
Will always score a great touchdown
Cleveland — Our city, our home!

We celebrate our great diversity
Through our amazing schools and universities
If you spend the day downtown,
You’ll never come home with a frown.
We have the Indians and the Erie Lake
There is no way this city’s a mistake.
Cleveland — Our city, our home!

Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
No other city can say the same.
We are the warriors that’s a fact.
We’re sure to make a great impact.
Cleveland — Our city, our home!

 Marion C. Seltzer – Boys Group Poem – Fall 2019

A Cry for Help

No more violence in the hood
No more violence in the hood

Loosing all our kids to gun violence and we don’t feel safe, so we want change.
We hear sirens all day, nowhere to escape, and finding dead bodies all over the place.

No more violence in the hood
No more violence in the hood

You got families on their knees, screaming why me?
People with guns just let us be.
Kids disappear when their in fear, when they go outside violence is near.

No more violence in the hood
No more violence in the hood

If you see something call the police, it’s not safe to be in these streets.
We’ve got parents filled the tears, their worst fear is, not seeing us grow through the years.

No more violence in the hood
No more violence in the hood

Wade Park school –   Middle School Group Poem – Fall 2019

My Recipe Poem

1 cup of kindness                 5 pounds of happiness
3 handfuls of respect          3 quarts of bravery
2 ounces of smartness        A dash of silliness
4 teaspoons of hard work   3 teaspoons of hope
5 handfuls of caring           6 pounds of smiles
4 pounds of creativity        9 cups of loyalty
8 1/2 cups of leadership   pint of honesty
8 pounds of calmness       Gallon of empathy
A cup of generosity           A ton of shyness

Directions: Take the kindness, respect, smartness and hard work and mix it together. Then take the caring and leadership and add it in.
Also take the calmness, generosity, happiness, bravery, silliness and hope and mix it in.
Finally take the smiles, loyalty, honesty, empathy and shyness and add it in.
Now bake for 8 years and put in a 4’2 body, thank you for recognizing me.

Giselle A.- 3rd grade – Willson School – Fall 2019


Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?
An alien straight out of Area 51
Always being watched and tested
Wanting to escape


The feeling that someone is going to find out
Find out what we really are someday.
The truth.
Someday, somehow they will.


We feel lonely and different every day.
Not sure of what’s on the inside of us.
Adults assume we don’t belong here.


It is said we are scary
They judge use before they know us.
Fear of the unknown


They kill them
They kill us
They steal us
Away from our home and families
Abuse us and mistreat us


Always being watched and tested
Wanting to escape
Where would we go?
Where do we belong?
Feeling powerless and hopeless
Aliens aks us.

Robinson G. Jones School – Middle School Group Poem – Fall 2019

The Earth is Changing Around Us

Roses are red,
Violets are not.
The Earth is a sunflower.
Because it’s getting very hot.

Our air is full of sewage,
Our water is turning gree,
Our fish are eating garbage,
Why aren’t we doing anything?

Our oceans have oil,
And plastic, too.
Our trash is in the soil,
What are we supposed to do?

Animal cruelty is changing our Earth,
Killing all the lions and tigers and bears,
Too many animals in a death trap since birth,
But we can’t find anyone who cares.

Save the animals, save the turtles please,
So all the animals can be at ease.

And save us, your children, too.
So we can grow up in a world where flowers can bloom.
Because if the bumblebees go extinct,
We will too.

Artemus Ward School – Middle School Group Poem – Fall 2019