Paige a 6th grader from Warner Girls Leadership Academy performs her poem, Memories.

London a 4th grader from Willson school performs her poem, She is London.

Aubrielle, a 2nd grader from Wade Park school performs her poem One, Two.

Tyairre, a 3rd grader from Wade Park school performs his poem Man in the Mirror.


Articulate. Powerful. Inspirational.

We could describe our Poet-Athletes’ poetry in a number of ways, but it helps to see for yourself. Check out a sampling of their rhymes:

More Peace

More Peace

Sad, mad is how I feel when you aren’t real
I feel good when I’m reading
I feel calm
I feel peace
I feel excited when I’m running
To get where I’m going and
where I’m going
I’m going to find more peace
More peace that’s what matters so much to me
I’m going to find more peace
I’m going to bring it back and everyone will love me
I’m going to find more peace
Yeah more peace
I’m going to bring it back and
everyone will know me
and everyone will know me
I’m going to be the king
and rule everyone around me.

Bryson – Grade 4 –  Wade Park School- Fall 2020

In My World

In my world
I see colors
Purple, blue, gold, and yellow.

In my world
there are many smells
flowers, sweetness and
freshness all around.

In my world
there are many sounds
birds, rain, waves, and nature.

In my world
the way I feel
free, open, and calm.

Zallie – Grade 7 –  Buhrer Dual Language Academy – Fall 2020

Helping Hands

When a friend is in need
We help them to be safe.
When a friend is struggling
We help each other.
When a friend is in danger,
We help them.
When a friend is hurt,
We help them.
When a friend is sad,
We comfort them.
We help them calm down.
When a friend is sick
We send them soup and lots of love.

Tya – Grade 3 – Wade Park School – Fall 2020

Jeralyis’s Rainbow Sky

I am a rainbow
So bright and blue
when you see me
I see you.

I am a rose so
pretty as can be
like a swan so
elegant and pretty
never dark like a cloud.

Always light as the sun
Bright pink like the stars
but never dark as black
I’m a Lamborghini fast and cool
I’m not a slug bug
Slow and junky.

People don’t understand
I like me for me
You can’t change me
into who you want me to be.

 Jeralyis- Grade 6 – Artemus Ward  – Fall 2020

Achieve Your Goals

Achieve  Your Goal
If you achieve your goal
You can get the flow
If you fall on the ground
shot a hundred free throws
If you try your best you will get the test
If you make a mistake
You will love to skate
If you always hate you don’t have any fate
If you want good grades
try to have straight
As if you scared of deer
try to face your fear.
Then tell your mom
You don’t get any time
I’m going to achieve my goal
and the flow.

Tyrane – Grad 4 – Wade Park School – Fall 2020

Dark Dreams

Surrounded by water, deep in the ocean
Closed in with thoughts, getting deeper into the ocean
I feel a sudden heat and fear in my body
I slowly open my eyes to see nothing
I try to move but I’m stunned
I stay there still for a few moments
Then look again
To see a Big Grey and White cold-blooded fish
with large sharp scary teeth
I was confused about what it was
until I realized it was a SHARK!
I suddenly started panicking
when I realized it hasn’t tried to eat me
I got very confused and close my eyes to think
I attempt to move again.
But Swim upwards and it works
I swim up to the surface when I see someone in
the distance
but it was my Great-Grandmother
which is weird because she isn’t here anymore.
She comes up to me,
I get confused, happy, sad, the start crying
then we hug
and that’s when I wake up from this scary, sad
Amazing Dream

Nyla- Grade 6 – Warner Girls Leadership Academy – Fall 2020

We Need to Change

We need to change
Whether it’s short or long
Everyday people commit crimes
and they know that they are wrong
This is where it begins
We need to stop these criminals
It is becoming very pivotal.
We need to make crime minimal
It’s gotten so bad
It’s getting political.
Social injustice happens every day and
It is just not fair
People are missing their families
so don’t you date
Do a crime without thinking of the punishment
Putting random people who are innocent
in harm’s way.
We really really need to change
Do you really see through their eyes?
Watching the news every day is a surprise
Kids watch the news every day and
they’re too young to know
But I know and they can’t silence me.
Think one day it will happen to me.
Seeing through the eyes of people
this has happened to.
They see terror
They see it on the TV and don’t know
if it’s going to happen to them one day
Seeing through the eyes of a cop
not caring
Taking innocent lives like it’s nothing
I speak out about injustice
It’s bad.
We need to call the police on the police.
We need to understand
that human society should be created the same
No matter the color of their skin
But by the content of their character.

Gregory – Grade 6 –  Newton D. Baker School of Arts – Fall 2020

Through Sickness and Health

Through Sickness and Health
We have started a really brave movement, people.
In the world, we are either blaming someone or taming someone
Shootouts and protests, we are starting to look like we only have anger in us and not potential.

Through sickness and health
Police beat on us when half the time we are just trying to walk down the street.
People have not been given the credit they deserve all because of the complexion of their skin.

Through Sickness and Health
2020 has made us weak at times but strong at others.
From Mothers crying, because their sons are drying
We will rise up.
For women’s rights, we have made protest and
Gotten through to those who did give up hope.
Cops who once argued against us are now standing with us.

But Through Sickness and Health
We have overcome any obstacles in front of us, and we did it together.

Through Sickness and Health
We have started something great and we won’t and we can’t lose hope.

Savannah – Grade 6 – Warner Girls Leadership Academy – Fall 2020