America SCORES Cleveland Online Soccer Lessons

Soccer Training Videos

In the below soccer training videos you will learn general knowledge about uniforms and equipment, how to do some basic skills such as dribbling and passing, and how to up your game with more complicated skills such as moving and shielding!

Learn about what’s considered in bounds vs out of bounds, what’s a goal vs what isn’t, what’s a handball, how to setup and put away pop up goals, how to put on shin guards, what makes a proper uniform, and what are some warm up stretches to do.

SCORES Soccer Uniform
Wearing Shin Guards
How to Use Pop Up Goals
Warm Ups
In and Out of Bounds
What is a Handball?

Learn about how to do a goal kick, what’s a goal box, how to get rid of the ball, what to do if a teammate passes the ball back to you.

Goalkeeping – Passback
Goal Kicks

Learn how to do a throw in and receive one, how to do a kickoff, how to check your shoulders on offense and defense, how to use skill moves and shield the ball, how to communicate with your teammates.

Offense versus Defense
Offense versus Defense with Communication 
Throw-ins Throwing
Throw-ins Receiving 
Check your Shoulders – Defense
Check your Shoulders – Offense
Moving and Shielding 

Learn how to properly shoot the ball, how to pass, how to do footskills, how to juggle, and how to dribble.

Dribbling Figure 8
Dribbling Sole Roll
Shooting Incorrectly
Shooting Correctly