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We know times are rough and it is difficult being at home and unable to see friends and family and participate in sports or other activities. We miss our poet-athletes and being able to help them grow during each day of programming. Just because we are not in programming right now doesn’t mean we can’t keep writing and speaking our minds, helping our communities and practicing our soccer skills!

America SCORES Cleveland will be posting one lesson a day. On Monday and Wednesday we will post a soccer lesson and on Tuesday and Thursday we will post a writing lesson. On Thursdays we will also do an Instagram live lesson (follow us at @americascoresclevleand) which will alternate between soccer and writing.  We would love to see and read your writing activities and hear about how well you are able to complete the soccer challenges! Share your activities with us at

You will find an archive here of all the activities we will be sharing!

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Writing Activities

Here is where you will find all the writing activities we have posted. These activities can be done by all ages. If your child has trouble writing, have them draw a picture or you can have them tell you what to write and you can help them write the poem or activity. These activities are meant to be fun while also keeping your child engaged and learning. Please feel free to share your poems or written activities with us at

Monday, March 23rd – Letter Writing

This activity focuses on how to write a letter. This is a great activity to help keep your child stay in contact with family and friends they might not be able to see in person right now. A great way to keep this idea moving is to become pen pals with someone. If you child can’t write a full letter, trying having them write a sentence and drawing pictures instead!

Tuesday, March 24th – Riddle Poetry

Let’s have some fun today learning about different fruits and vegetables! Riddle Poetry is fun and easy. Research a fruit and vegetable, write down a few clues about that chosen fruit or vegetable and try to have others guess what it is! This is a fun way to challenge your kids and can even be a fun competition!

Wednesday, March 25th – Comics with a Purpose

We all have our own stories to tell right now. Comics are a great way to tell those stories. You can have your child explore how they are feeling right now, what life looks like at home under quarantine or what they plan on doing when life returns to normal. Be sure to help them share it with friends and family, either through email or sending pictures with your phone.

Thursday, March 26th – Wish Poetry

Ask you child if they have ever made a wish? Do they wish on stars or on the birthday candles? Do they have a wish to see a family member, play with a friend or get back on the soccer field? Have them write a wish poem about what they wish right now. This is a great way to help them think through what is going on and work through some of the wishes they have right now.

Friday, March 27th – Newspaper Article

Newspaper articles are a great way to work through what is going on right now. Have your child interview family member and call friends. Have them think through what they want to write about and help them design the page to look like a newspaper!

Monday, March 30th – Describing our Community

This week’s writing lesson will focus on community. Right now we all need to come together and help one another. These lessons will help your child think through their community and who is in their community that are helping them. This first activity is all about describing the wonderful elements of our communities.

Tuesday, March 31st – Building a Community

Today’s activity is working together to build a community! Work with your child and follow the steps to create your own community. This is a great project to work on together. You can draw it with crayons or use items you have around the house. Be as creative as you like!

Wednesday, April 1st – Thank You Cards for Community Heroes

There are a number of community heroes that are helping us through this situation. Work with your child to create a thank you card for these heroes, whether they are doctors, nurse or truck drivers and grocery store workers. Help your child share a picture of their card with us and we can help get it out to those who should see it. When it is safe and healthy again to go out we can work on getting the physical cards delivered.

Thursday, April 2nd – Recipe Poems

Our community heroes have a lot of characteristics that make them amazing. Use this activity to help your child think through all these amazing aspects of these people. You can focus on their kindness, courage or how big their hearts must be.

Friday, April 3rd  – Acrostic Poem

Acrostic Poems are simple and fun. This is a great beginning activity and is great for any age! Choose a name of a friend, community member or they can choose their favorite word. Have fun with it!

Monday, April 6th – Social Entrepreneurship

For this week we are going to focus on entrepreneurship. This should be familiar for our Middle School students, from the One Hen programming they take part in. For our younger students this is new information that will get them excited and prepared for the Middle School programming. This first lesson is to introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship and make sure everyone understands what that term means.

Tuesday, April 7th – Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneur have a certain mindset that helps them succeed. Look at the different mindsets and help your child understand what they each mean. Help them figure out which ones they have and which ones they want to learn. A great idea is to help your child spend this time learning those mindsets.

Wednesday, April 8th – Product Ideas 

Coming up with a unique product idea is one of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur. Start by selecting a object or snack in your home and building on that idea to come up with an product that someone would like to buy. Be as creative as you can!

Thursday, April 9th – Pitching a Product

Have you ever seen a commercial and it convinced you to buy something? Today’s activity is about making a commercial about a product idea you have. Work with your child to write about where their product comes from, who makes it and how it can help someone. You can have them make a poster or even record a video. We would love for you to share the commercial with us!

Friday, April 10th – Cost/Revenue/Profit

This last activity in our entrepreneurship series goes over the idea of cost, revenue and profit. The activity asks your child to build a tower using as few supports as possible.  You are then able to work with them to calculate how much it cost to build their tower and what their profit was at the end.

Tuesday, April 14th – Conversation Poetry

Conversation Poetry is an activity that allows you to get creative with your child. Have them think of two ideas, peoples or things that can talk to one another. Work with them to come up with a conversation that the ideas or people can have. Help them write the poem in alternating lines, like a script.

Thursday, April 16th – Haiku

Haiku’s are short poems, usually about nature, that are written in a very specific format. They are 3 lines following the pattern, 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. This might be a more challenging type of poem for the students. This would be a great lesson to work together with them on. If your child struggles with it have them write a poem about nature, remember we want them to have fun and be creative!

Tuesday, April 21st – Rhyming

When we think of poems we think of rhyming. This is one of the easier versions of poems to write. Help your kids think of rhyming words and then put them together for a poem.

Thursday, April 22nd – Persona Poetry

A fun form of poetry is giving an animal or object human characteristics. Help your child pick an object or animal to write about. This is a great time to let your child’s imagination run!

Tuesday, April 28th – I Remember Poetry

Our memories can help us write some amazing and heartfelt poems. Work with your child to think through some of the happiest or most fun memories. Have them make a list of the details in those memories. Work with your child to write a poem about that memory and what it means to them.

Thursday, April 30th – Alphabet Poetry

This writing activity is where you start each new line with the next letter in the alphabet, such as A, then B, then C, etc. The idea is to write full sentences but if your child struggles with that, have them write one words that start with each letter. Try to keep it in some theme, such as Spring or soccer.

Tuesday, May 5th – Shape Poetry

This writing lesson gives your child a chance to exercises their artistic and writing muscles. The easiest way to complete this poem is have them choose and object, draw that object as large as they can and then write their poem inside that object. If they are unable to draw the object large enough to fit the poem they can write it on the side or under the object. Encourage them to decorate the poem when they are finished.

Thursday, May 7th – Descriptive Language

This activity is a fun one where your child gets a chance to create their own magical world. Encourage them to think as creatively as they can. This is a made up world which can have anything they want. Make sure they are using as much detail as possible when talking about this new world.

Tuesday, May 12th – Adjectives

Our lesson today is about adjectives. The following four lessons will be about different types of figurative language and parts of speech. What your child writes during these lessons can be used to create a larger poem later. Ensure your child keeps this paper somewhere they can find it later as they will keep adding to it over the next few lessons.

Thursday, May 14th – Verbs

During this lesson we focus on verbs or action words. Watch Coach Ramona and Coach Matthew’s videos about Defenders and Goalkeepers and have them make notes about the verbs that are used. Have them think about the actions they take on the soccer field from kicking, to throwing, to stopping the ball. Be sure to have them keep these with adjectives to ensure that they can add to the list next week.

Tuesday, May 19th – Onomatopoeia

This writing lesson is fun though a little difficult. Work with your child to think through the sounds they hear on the soccer field. Ask them what it sounds like when the ball hits their foot or goes through the net. Keep the list close because you will add one more type of speech to this list before writing a soccer poem.

Thursday, May 22nd – Similes

Similes are a simple way to compare two things. The biggest hint if a comparison is a simile is the use of the words like or as in the comparison. Help your child think of how to compare themselves to other things. What do they run like? How hard do they kick? How happy are they when they score a goal?

Friday, May 22nd – Reading the Game – a poem by Ramona Paul

Coach Ramona took the last four writing and soccer lessons and wrote a soccer poem. Listen to her poem and then work with your child to write their own poem using verbs, adjectives, similes and onomatopeias.

Reading the Game

Soccer Activities

Here is where we will post videos demonstrating exercises, soccer drills and other active things you can do with your child. Some will have challenges to complete, others will help your student keep their soccer skills fresh for when we are able to get back on the soccer field. Please feel free to share how these activities work and if you would like to see anything specific with us at

Monday, March 23rd – Exercises to Help Raise Your Heart Rate

These are great exercises to get the blood pumping and help build muscle strength. All of these are great ways to help stay active and prepare for when we all can get back on the field again.

Exercises to Raise your Heart Rate

Tuesday, March 24th – Stretching and Dribbling 

Today we learned some great stretches to help our muscles. We also talked about some dribbling techniques. Did your child take the challenge? How many touches were they able to get while keeping the ball in a small space?

Stretching and Dribbling

Wednesday, March 25th – Balance and Stopping the Soccer Ball

Our soccer lesson today is about working on balance which is important for any sport your child takes part in. The soccer drill is about how to accurately the soccer ball, vital for getting back control of the ball.

Balance and Stopping the Soccer Ball

Thursday, March 26th – Juggling

Today’s soccer lesson is how to juggle the soccer ball. This is a great challenge to try outside as the weather gets nice. Share with us how well you do!


Friday, March 27th – Act Like Animal Exercises 

Exercising can be fun! Each of these exercises have you act like different animals. Challenge your kids to think of new animals they can act like!

Act like an Animal Exercises

Monday, March 30th – Foot Skills

This video is all about perfecting your child’s foot skills. In soccer it is very important to have control over the ball and where the ball is going. These techniques will help your child practice how to ensure their foot skill stay in great shape!

Foot Skills

Tuesday, March 31st – Dribbling

This video will help your child practice their dribbling skills. This is one of the most important skills to have in soccer.


Wednesday, April 1st  – Strength Building

Strength building is essential for any sport, not just soccer. Join your child is walking through these exercises with Coach Ramona. Try to work on doing one or all of these once a day!

Strength Building

Thursday, April 2nd – Passing and Receiving

Being able to pass the ball to a teammate and get that ball back is vital for soccer. This is a great activity to do together with your child. Practicing these skills daily with help them when they are able to get back on the field.

Passing and Receiving

Friday, April 3rd – Agility and Shooting Soccer Goals

Soccer is a fast game, being able to change direction quickly is important. To win a game you have to be able to shoot goals accurately. These exercises will help your child work on not only moving fast, but moving fast with a purpose. The shooting exercises will help them be able to make that game winning shot!

Agility and Shooting Goals

Monday, April 6th – Nutrition Advice

Good nutrition is important for every sport, not just soccer. Coach Ramona helps your child understand some good food choices. Help them think through some recipes and how they can incorporate some of these foods to their daily meals.

Nutrition Advice

Tuesday, April 7th – Pull Back Soccer Ball Skill

Coach Ramona teaches and advance skill in dribbling and that is how to pull back the soccer ball. This skill is great for learning how to get control of the soccer back and change directions to get out of the way of an opponent.

How to Pull Back Soccer Ball

Wednesday, April 8th – Outside Cut Back Soccer Move

Coach Ramona helps you learn advance dribbling skills. This skill is all about how to change direction and get back control of the soccer ball. You can practice with your child by trying to take the ball and have them turn around and keep the ball.

Outside Cut Back

Thursday, April 9th – Nutrition Balance

Having a balanced nutritional diet is important. Coach Ramona talks about how you can help your child choose healthy options. She talks about how you can have treats and items you want as long as you balance it with an healthy item. Work with your child to think through the choices they can make when you go out to eat.

Balanced Nutrition

Friday, April 10th – Healthy Snack

Coach Ramona finishes up the week by providing a healthy and quick snack you can make together. This three ingredient snack is great for before or after a soccer game or practice!

Nutritious Snack Recipe

Monday, April 13th – Kickoffs

Coach Matthew teaches you about Kickoffs. Kickoffs start the game and are important throughout the game. These are important rules to make sure your child understands for when games begin again.

Kick Off Rules

Wednesday, April 15th – Soccer Ball Mastery

Coach Ramona teaches how to truly master the soccer ball during the game. Coach Ramona goes over how to regain control of the ball and how to be able to move the ball in the direction you desire. These are great skills to practice with your child.

Mastering the Soccer Ball

Monday, April 20th – Game time, Roster Size and Substitution Rules

During our first few weeks of programming we ensure all students understand the rules of the game of soccer. We may not be able to teach these lessons in person but we still want to ensure all students understand the rules. Coach Matthew goes over the rules for size of teams, how we determine game times and when a substitution can be made

Game Times, Substitutions and Roster Size Rules

Wednesday, April 22nd – Ball Control with Head Up

Being able to keep your head up while maintaining control of the soccer ball is extremely important in the game of soccer. Coach Ramona introduces exercises to help your child get confident with the ball and practice keeping their head up so they know where the ball is going and what their next move should be.

Ball Control with Head Up

Monday, April 27th – Out of Bounds Rules

Coach Matthew teaches about when a ball is out of bounds and how to get the ball back in play. Understanding the rules of the game will help students be ready to take the field when we are able to play games again. Practice by setting up a line and helping your students understand when the ball is or isn’t in play.

Out of Bounds Rules

Wednesday, April 29th – Yogurt Recipe Snack

Coach Ramona has another easy and tasty snack. This one is simple and doesn’t require too many ingredients. All you need is yogurt, either plain or Greek, some fruit, from berries to bananas, and dry cereal or granola. This is an easy snack your child can make on their own! It is great for Spring and Summer.

Healthy Yogurt Snack

Monday, May 4th – Direct and Indirect Kicks

Understanding when you are able to take a direct kick versus an indirect kick can be difficult. Coach Matthew lays out how each one works and when you take them. Quiz your child to see if they followed the instruction. This will help when we are able to return to games.

Direct and Indirect Kicks

Wednesday, May 6th – Shoulder Drop/Fake Out

Coach Ramona teaches how to use a Shoulder Drop to fake out an opponent while dribbling. Being able to fake out an opponent will help your child keep possession of the ball during a game. This is a more advanced move but it can be a fun challenge for your child to try. This would be a great activity to work together on.

Shoulder Drop Fake Out

Monday, May 11th – Goalkeepers

For two weeks we are creating a series about the different positions on the soccer field. Have you child watch the video and take note of how Coach Matthew and Coach Ramona describe Goalkeepers. Our writing lessons will connect to these videos and lead to writing a larger soccer poem together. These are great for helping your child understand the different positions and what they entail.


Wednesday, May 13th – Defenders

In this video Coach Ramon and Coach Matthew talk about the position of Defender. They discuss the physical and mental skills a Defender needs. They also talk about the strategies that are needed while playing this position.


Monday, May 18th – Midfielders

Coach Matthew and Coach Ramona discuss the position of Midfielder in this video. This is a position that is very demanding and requires a number of things from the player. Talk with your child about if they have played this position and what they have to practice to be the better at this position.


Wednesday, May 20th – Forwards

Coach Matthew and Coach Ramona wrap up their series with a video on the position of Forward. Talk with your child to help them understand what each position is responsible for and help them think through the positions they would like to play.