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America SCORES Cleveland Office
3631 Perkins Avenue, Unit 2CE
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 216-881-7988

Alison Black, Executive Director

Joyce Becerra, Development Manager

Brittney Rzucidlo, Senior Program Manager – Writing

Kloby Reddy, Program Director 

Armand Whitt, Program Manager – Soccer

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Without SCORES, I honestly don’t think I would be in the position I am today. There is a lot of violence, peer pressure and negativity out there. If I fed into that I would have been another statistic. SCORES kept me out of trouble. It taught me right from wrong. It’s the biggest opportunity I’ve had.”

Donte Washington, America SCORES Cleveland alum

America SCORES taught me how to take control of my life.

Tre’Shaun Anderson, America SCORES Cleveland alum

Watching the students develop leadership, team chemistry and take pride in their original works of poetry, is something I truly enjoy.

Tanesha Madden, America SCORES Cleveland coach and school liaison

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