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Bookbags are packed and classrooms are ready. The 2021 school year has begun and with it comes afterschool programming like America SCORES Cleveland. This school year our programming will begin on October 4th. On the field, our students will not only learn soccer skills but also how to live a healthy lifestyle and remain active. In the classroom, our students will learn all about


Inspired Art 2021

Every two years, America SCORES Cleveland holds our Inspired Art event. It is a chance for the creative artistic community and our poet-athletes to come together, giving scholars an opportunity to see their words brought to life in the form of art including photography, paintings, and sculptures. Each artist is given a selection of poetry written by our 3rd – 8th graders to review.


Adapting to the New Virtual Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to rethink how they operate and America SCORES Cleveland is no exception. Until March 2020 our programming was solely in-person programming put on after school at 16 different Cleveland Metropolitan schools. When Governor DeWine shut down the state causing all schools and activities to become virtual, we had to get creative. Our primary concern was how to continue


What is America SCORES Cleveland?

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout the year 2020 we learned that keeping in touch with useful information has become more important than it ever was before.  One way we are striving to keep all our supporters informed about the SCORES program is by starting a blog. This blog will be your main source of information for more about our programming,

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