In Our Words

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The Fullerton Girls Team perform their Gold Mic Award winning poem, This is Our Time to Shine.

The Wade Park Boys School Team perform their Gold Mic Award winning poem, Young Black Men.

The Mound Middle School Team perform their Silver Mic Award winning poem, Dear Crazy World.

The Willson Juniors Team reads their poems about who they are!


Articulate. Powerful. Inspirational.

We could describe our Poet-Athletes’ poetry in a number of ways, but it helps to see for yourself. Check out a sampling of their rhymes:

The Story of Us

Doesn’t matter the looks, doesn’t matter the race

You don’t need to bully or spit nasty words in our face

Stop it now!

People get hurt every single day

It’s sad and it hurts us to say

Stop it now!

All the violence makes a cry

A person gets shot, we all ask why

Stop it now!

School is supposed to be a safe place

But lately, that doesn’t seem to be the case

Stop it now!

All this violence gives us so many fears

All this violence brings so many tears

Stop it now!

It hurts just watching the news each day

It’s sad we have to live in a world that’s this way

Stop it now!

All this violence gets us nowhere

All this violence is too much for us to bare

Stop it now!

Artemus Ward – Girls Group Poem – Fall 2018

Nightmares in Reality

Nightmares in reality,

Our world is filled with brutality

Lets stop shooting each other and become united.

People on these streets are getting gunned down,

And It’s not just the police carrying the guns around.

Lives are ending here and there,

Dead bodies everywhere.

Put down the guns and pick up the books,

Killing people for their choices and looks,

Their sexuality and dissimilarity,

Is this our humanity?

Everyday’s more dangerous and filled with drama,

Students living in fear, filled with trauma.

Parents are worried for their children’s safety,

Policemen short of concern lately.

Another day, another fatality.

Praying our community wont be violent eternally.

Nightmares in reality.

Kenyon W.- 8th grade – Mound STEM School 

Rising Above

Don’t try to be like your friends

They won’t teach you right from wrong

Be someone you can depend on

and not just following trends

I come to school to be taught

And to make big dreams

I want to be something that beems

And I need to give everything my best shot.

My mom always taught me to stay true

And to never stray from the route

People thinking they know what I’m about

I know who I am, but do you know you?

I want to be something great

And do great things as I get older

Brushing off the shoulder

When people try to hate

I don’t care what other people say

This is my life not yours

I’m here to kick down doors

While you just want to play

Never getting misled

by people that aren’t worth it

With these people I’m not trying to fit

Cause a winner I was born and bred

Brooklyn S. – Grade 5 – Fullerton School

Soaked Dreams

Imagination is a butterfly
fluttering in my mind
Water is a portal
to another place and time.

Imagination is the ocean
flowing softly and freely
Water is the calm
that always speaks to me.

Imagination is a firework
exploding in the sky
Water is creativity
reflecting the beautiful colors inside

Imagination is a flower
spreading wonder in the world
Water is feelings
of waves that come and go

Imagination is a tree
reaching toward the stars
Water is strength
pushing you to go far.

Imagination is hopes and dreams
anything is possible if you believe.
Water is energy
no limit to what we can achieve.

Water and Imagination go hand in hand,
without one or the other we would be blank.
Water gives you life to live,
Imagination gives you a way to live it!

– Robinson G. Jones Boys Team – Group Poem – Fall 2018

My Struggle is Not Unique

My struggle is people who define me by my skin color and my height,
but as an African American male I won’t let the hate stop me.

My struggle is that people think that I am dumb due to the stuff I say,
but I will show them I am not and my goal is to become a neurosurgeon.

My struggle is that I am Bi and people push me to say I am straight,
but I won’t let them define who I am.

My struggle is being a woman,
but I can do the same if not more than a man.

My struggle is people who paint me as a racist,
but you can’t focus on the past, only bring positivity to the present.

My struggle is worrying about people who are homeless,
but when America SCORES and One Hen I can help support them.

My struggle is worrying about people who are made fun of
but I can support them and be a friend.

My struggle is I am not good at math,
but I am working at getting better at it.

My struggle is that I sometimes get bullied,
but I don’t care, this is my life and I will stay strong.

My struggle is that  adults in the world are not as woke as they should be,
but I promise that I’ll do better.

My struggle is that I worry about another human being entering my life,
but my family and I will grow up to be great individuals.

My struggle is worrying going into a school
and worrying about not coming out due to school shooters.

My struggle is worrying about walking home and getting struck by a blind bullet,
but I want to help my peers to stay off the street.

My struggle is not unique,
but together we will turn our struggle into strength.

-Newton D. Baker  Middle School Group Poem – Fall 2018

Power of Poetry

Poetry is more important than you think.

It’s more than lines, stanzas and all you see.

Poetry is about who you are and what you’ll be.

It has rhyming, timing and a beat.

You can hear poetry almost anywhere whether it’s on a stage or on the street.

When I say poetry, words flow out of my mouth like water out of a sink.

When your writing poetry you really need to think.

Just think of all the words that you’ll meet and all the long lines that you’ll greet.

Winning the poetry slam is my wish.

It’s really a time I don’t want to miss.

Jazzlynn S.- 6th grade – Artemus Ward School

The Colors of Me

Gold makes me feel like a shooting star
Green make me feel ill
Like spinning until dizziness
Red makes me feel angry
Like a bull.
Yellow makes me feel sweaty,
like I’m sitting under a sun.
Blue make me feel cold,
Like I’m in Alaska.
Black makes me feel bold and scared,
I watch scary movies by myself.
Silver makes me shine,
Like a diamond.
White makes me think about the moon.
Orange makes me think about the sun setting.
Grey makes me think about the rain.
Colors of me.

Imari B. – Grade 6 – Robinson G. Jones School

Not a Shame

Truth is the path to live a happy fate.

Lies lead the way to the Nether gate.

Truth brings happiness to the heart.

Lies leave sadness and tear it apart.

Truth gives light and helps you thrive.

Lies are regret and emptiness inside.

Truth is courage to make things right.

Lies deprive your thoughts and flood your mind.

Truth unites us together as one.

Lies destroy all that you love

Truth is the brush that keeps you clean.

Lies are the cavities that turn you green.

Truth is the sun shining bright with pride.

Lies are the dark and the cold of night.

Rooj A. – Grade 5 – Robinson G. Jones School